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A Charming hotel

logo sawdaysArraya has a soul : you can see it ; you can feel it ; come and experience it !

More than a is a place full of tradition and charm.

Built in the 16th century on the village square in Sare, the last stop on the St. James way before venturing into the Iberian peninsula, this former pilgrims hostel, converted into a hotel in 1951, has been run by the FAGOAGA family for three generations.

Arraya overbooks Sare's square, one of the prettiest villages of the Basque country : it is composed of three old houses connected together around a secret garden. The decoration is refined and the patina on the antique furniture bears witness to the care shown in the detail.

In the Basque country, a house does not belong to you : you belong to the house to better give it to the next generations and the Family wants to share it all with you.

A warm welcome awaits you by one of the member of the family : a “savoir-faire” at your service.

karenbrownOnce upon a time....the whole story starts with Paul and Louise, brother and sister. Together with their parents, they converted their modest home into a tea salon. It was back in 1951. A few years later, in 1962, a restaurant opened in the neighbouring house, together with 6 bedrooms, all en-suite.
Arraya has been a smash hit from the very beginning ! At that time, Paul and his brother Jean were very famous « pelotaris », it may have helped with locals. In 1982, a shop opened, run by Maite, Paul's cousin.


Each year, a new stone is added to this magnificent residence and naturally, the new generation appears. Since 1995, Jean-Baptiste and Sebastien, Paul's sons carry on the business, helped with Laurence and Lorentxa, their wives.

Years by years, Arraya is entering in the 21st 2003 and 2006, the second floor is entirely renovated and 6 Privilege rooms open.

In 2011, a second boutique was born : Akoka.

In 2015, the original building is entirely shaken with the construction of a lift ! Lawned terraces are the new garden and a lap pool is planned.

Also, two Prestige rooms can now be offered to our guests...A fourth star for the hotel will certainly come soon....

Great service and warm welcome from the whole family awaits you and we look forward to meeting you in our beautiful Basque country, at home.